ScrumTale is built upon collaborative story writing concept to simulate iterative product development. It has been designed for IT companies, however it is gaining popularity among all sorts of companies that want to learn Agile ways of working.

Scrum workshop with ScrumTale simulation game ©

What are the main factors that make a crime story the perfect product to be used in a Scrum simulation game? Firstly, there are multiple similarities between software development and collaborative story writing. Secondly, participants’ engagement during the exercise comes naturally and makes the learning more powerful.

Why is it so similar to software development?

In both cases it’s all about writing: the team needs to type on their keyboards…

Cognitive tunnelling is a very useful phenomenon of our brains that helps us to focus on a single, most important task. It allows us to filter out stimuli like visual objects, sounds, smells, etc. that would distract our attention. Unfortunately, this brain phenomena has some drawbacks too: it may lead a pilot to crash a plane or.. a software project to fail terribly.

Cognitive tunneling

One of the most well known examples of cognitive tunneling that lead to a tragedy happened in 2009 — Air France plane with 228 passengers onboard crashed into the ocean. After the investigation, it turned…

Product Backlog is one of the most important artefacts in Scrum. It provides alignment so much needed for the development team to build a successful product. However, if you won’t give your backlog a proper structure and engage the whole team in building it, then people building the product will lose the the purpose and context of their work.

Story mapping workshop
Story mapping workshop
Story mapping workshop ©

Flat Product Backlog

Scrum is a proven framework for solving complex problems, mostly in software development area. Unfortunately, many organisations struggle with it, not getting expected benefits. This is because Scrum adoption is a complex problem itself, which requires behaviour changes of everyone involved.

What if we used one of Scrum pillars — empiricism for teaching it?


Scrum is based on empirical approach which states that the knowledge comes from sensory experience. When we apply this approach to teaching, instead of using classroom-style of transferring knowledge, we allow people to experience an “insight” about the possibilities of the new ways of working and…

What are the benefits of using a product approach in software development and how is this different from typical IT projects?

More and more modern IT companies are leaving behind old ways of managing their software business and turning themselves into product oriented organisations. Some of them are restructuring and replacing all project management related positions with Product Managers or Product Owners.

So what is the Product Mindset and what are the reasons behind its growing popularity?

Product vs. project

Let’s begin with explaining how those two differ:

According to the definition, A Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique…

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Delivery Consultant, Buildit@wipro digital, co-author of simulation game and co-founder of

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